Bandit 7 (Seven, VI) kite, 2014 F-One kiteboarding gear review

It a lot of vibe in the air about new Bandit 7 2014 kite  from F-One. On this page you can get updates, reviews and latest information on Bandit 7 (Seventh Edition) kite from F-One, 2014 kitesurfing gear! Contact us if you want order Bandit 7 (VI) kite! Tel. +1 (416) 477 5045

F-One brought a number of good surprises In 2014 kitesurf collection, and one of them new Bandit kite:

Bandit 7 kite f-one 2014 kiteboarding gear collection
    • New Bandit kite, 7th Edition: improved up-range control, jumping is easier and improved hang time of the kite, ride is more comfortable, up-graded canopy material of Bandit kite, 
    • New kite bar going to be released in the end of this year. It got color coded bar sides and new push-away quick release system
    • New kiteboards: Up-graded designs of Trax and Acid boards with addition of New Carbon construction Series, New wakestyle board SPICY; new CAMEL DRIVE DECK technology in surf boards.

What is new in Bandit 7 kite design and how it’s going to affect the performance.

Bandit 7 kite shape     

        The shape of the kite looks similar to Bandit 6 (the same Delta C-shape) but Bandit 7 was redesigned. In addition to all the famous characteristics of Bandit kites as early planing,  good low end pull, direct bar feel and fast turning , Bandit 7 has:

      • Increased wind range,
      • improved high end control and stability,
      • Better kite bar feeling,
      • Smoother pull with less jerking,
      • Easier Jumping with more lift and hang time,
      • Smoother kite loops.
Bandit 7 2014 canopy material           In Bandit 7 new canopy material was used (TECHNOFORCE™) which is double the rip stop of the previous material (TEIJIN). This change means:
      • Less fluttering, 
      • Less deformation in canopy, 
      • Improved kite stability. 
Bandit 7 kite colors sizes and wind range    

           In the 2014 Bandit 7 kite there is an exciting variety of colours and stylish designs. A blue/pink version is introduced to please female riders. The F-One logo is not printed but sewn into the canopy, which gives it more impact.  

New 2014 Bandit kite bar           The new kite bar is going to be released at the end of 2013 or the beginning of 2014. It will have:
      • A new push out Quick Release system, 
      • Bar sides colour coded, 
      • Compatibility with Bandit 4, 5, 6 and 7 kites 
      • Availability as a spare part. 


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