F-One, Bandit V Kite

The Bandit has been the centrepiece of the F-One kite range for half a decade, being one of the first companies to embrace the philosophy that one kite can be used at the highest level for all conditions and disciplines. Revamped into a three-strut delta C shape last year, the 2012 model has been reworked again.

Since the first generation Bandit F-One have been committed to offering one single kite in range. It is not just a "versatile" kite but rather the best kite for each discipline and style of rider, from the beginner to the pro athlete. 
To be successful in all areas is a real challenge from an R&D perspective; this process is proving to be much more complex than developing several highly specialized kites.

Amazing Wind Range: To further increase its range, F-One designed Bandit 5 that you could easily power up in the low end and a kite that was even more forgiving in strong and gusty conditions.

Lightness: In order to improve its performance when under powered, and add to the ease of use at the bottom end its lightness of Bandit 5 was a priority.

Easy Handling: To immediately position the kite where you want it, to precisely manage its rotation during a kiteloop, and to have the most responsive kite in larger sizes, its maneuverability is crucial. This is why we have focused our attention on this particular aspect.

Light bar pressure:  The feedback from the bar provides you with constant information and lets you know what's going on allowing you to adjust the position, the pull and the speed of your kite in the wind window at any given time? The B5 puts more effort through the harness and less through your arms. The direct bar feeling allows for the transmission of all necessary information.

Lighter, more maneuverable and responsive; the B5 is even smoother and ultimately more enjoyable and more effective regardless of the type of riding you do.

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